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STEM Labs & Hobby Camps

STEM not only provides jobs but also provides an ability to ideate to convert those ideas into successful businesses.


Trainings & Courses

Our training modules are a perfect guide for success in the ever changing technological Industry.


Educational Kits

India's 1st online store dedicated to DIY Kits, Science kits, Educational Kits, parts and components at affordable pricing.


STEM Lab for Colleges & Schools

Multiple Options and Features

We have more than 15+ Labs to choose from. We provide complete lab setup with long term teaching support to all our partners schools and colleges

Modular design and easy to understand

Highly modular kits and course content which allows students to keep an open mind, push themselves to think and ideate and also allows them to be more creative and innovative.

With us STEM education is Fun

We aim to provide basic concepts of the subjects like computer science, electronics, electricity, mechanics, Renewable energy and other STEM related core concepts to students from class 1 itself to give them a head start in their life.

Features of our training programs

specially developed to nurture college and school students for a bright career in highly competitive technological space. Keeping pace with latest technological developments and rising demand from students, our training modules are a perfect guide for success in the ever changing Industry.

Hobby & Summer Camps

We Integrate Creativity

We welcome the Children to the world of S.T.E.M concepts. The Systematic and step by step approach helps the urious minds to build their very first robot!

Active learning

Our programs focus on constructing basic structure & mechanism for more complicated models. Use of motor, IR sensors & RF controller enhances the complexity & creativity.

Practice Positive Discipline

LabsGuru Experts will train you on the essentials of programming. You can make a program on PC and download it to the robot. This encourages studnets to create more complicated models.

Educational Kits

Our online retail store sells DIY Kits, Aeromodelling Parts, Robotics parts, electronics parts and components, to make your hardware possible. Whether it's a robot that can fight robot or an accident avoiding systems, Parts for your mechanical project or electronics Modules we have everything in store.